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St. Paul and St. Gregory Trinitarian Belief

The doctrine of the Trinity is very unique compared to other religions (Erickson 1998, 347). Many “outsiders” would argue that Christianity is polytheistic because Christians worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  It is interesting to note however that even though the doctrine of the Trinity is “crucial for Christianity,” the term itself does…

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Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?

Ever since Jesus has graced us with his presence, there has been zeal to not only learn who Jesus was through scripture but also through history. Early in church history, the quest was to establish the work and person of Jesus (Erickson 1998, 677). The quest then turned to the problems of metaphysics, more specifically the concept…

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Book Review: 9 Things you Simply must Do To Succeed in Love and Life

Dr. Henry Cloud answers a question many people ask, how do I become successful?  Unlike other authors who argue that it takes a specific type of person to become successful, Cloud presents the premise that, “There are laws that govern success just as gravity governs falling” (2004, 16).  This is to say that there are…

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